Inline Grant Weekly Report #3

David and Ingy try to get the weekly report out by Saturday night each week, in order to make the Perl Weekly cut. Last week and this week, Saturday drifted into Sunday. Last week was due to unexpected visitors and this week Ingy was wiped out after his Pittsburgh Perl Workshop talk:

We had several great days of hacking this week. The goal was to get a fully working Acme::Math::XS, with these properties:

  • Implemented with the new Inline::Module
  • Plain old Makefile.PL
  • Perl module with C code "Inline"
  • perl Makefile.PL && make test works author side
  • prove -lv t/ works (the same) author side
  • make dist builds a dist that:
    • Includes Inline::Module build support code (in inc/)
    • Can build something to install user side, that:
      • Looks just like a normal XS install
      • Doesn't need to install Inline

This is consistent with what we said we'd do in last week's report. We got this 90% done, and released a new Acme::Math::XS.

The next steps are:

  • Finish up Inline::Module good enough for a perfect Acme::Math::XS
  • Write tests for the various concerns and expectations
  • Write up an Inline::Module tutorial
  • Port different kinds of existing XS modules to Inline::Module
  • Inline::Module support for common dist frameworks:
    • Dizt::Zilla
    • Module::Build
    • etc
  • Start filing bugs and nits as GitHub issues on Inline::Module

After that, the grant goals will be mostly satisfied, and we will finish this one up!