Inline Grant Weekly Report #1

We (David and Ingy) had a productive week bootstrapping the Inline-for-XS-Modules project. Our primary optimization flags are:


Here are some highlights:

  • All work being done publicly:
    • David and Ingy code in remote PairUp™ session (tmux)
    • All realtime communication in IRC (
    • Tmux to be termcasted soon (live terminal in a browser)
    • If you are interested, come join us!
  • Figured out a decent Inline Module API strategy
    • Authors do 3 simple new things to ship Inline code to CPAN
    • No end-user dependency on Inline for these modules
    • End result is essentially same as hand written XS
  • Plans to support:
    • 5-6 build systems: ie Dist::Zilla, Module::Build, etc
    • Many Inline languages (other than C/C++ might work)
    • Different extension module use cases: inline/external/libraries
  • Created specification document:
  • Released two new CPAN modules:
    • Inline::Module (The majority of the grant coding)
    • Acme::Math::XS (first test module using Inline::C)
  • Created a new blog site to document the Inline Grant Project
    • A new site using some of our other loved technologies: Cog, Coffee, make, Swim, Jemplate, gh-pages, BootStrap

It is our hope to finish out most of the work in the next 2 weeks, and then work on bug reports after that. We plan to keep putting out blog posts/reports for at least a couple months after the grant is complete. We believe this work will make Extension Module Authoring a lot more accessible, and we want to keep the energy flowing.

Here's a tiny example of how to make an Inline Extension Module. Take this one-liner:

perl -E 'use Inline C=>"int add(int a, int b){return a+b;}";say add(2,2)'

Turn it into this module:

package Acme::Math::XS;
our $VERSION = '0.0.1';
use Acme::Math::XS::Inline C => "int add(int a, int b) {return a + b;}";

Install Inline::Module:

cpanm Inline::Module

Run this command line:

> perl-inline-module create Acme::Math::XS::Inline

Add this line to your dist.ini:


Ship it:

dzil release

One advantage we've seen so far is that simple developer testing, just works:

prove -l t/

There's no need to run make to build the C/C++/XS in blib and then add -b to the prove flags, because this is Inline!